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Acne Paper Issue 11

by Thomas Persson (Editor-in-Chief), Jonny Johansson (Founder)


Acne Studios. 2010. English. Softcover. A3 ISO 216 format. ISSN: 2000-0707. Condition: Very Good.


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11th issue Winter 10/11 — THE ARTIST’S STUDIO

Cover by Bruce Bernard


About the Magazine:

When first launched in August 2005, Acne Paper promptly gained a reputation as the most exciting new magazine on the market. Its large uncoated format, delicately embellished with a striking portrait, title at the bottom instead of the usual top, suggested something different, something timeless, something nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. Under the editorship and creative direction of Thomas Persson each issue has been created around one idea – a theme big enough to appeal to everyone interested in the arts regardless of their age or their culture. With an in-depth editorial identity that affectionately merges the past with the present, each issue of Acne Paper explores its subject from various and often unexpected viewpoints. Because of its seriousness in content and originality of style the magazine is being recognised all over the world as an intelligent and glamorous publication unlike any other. Acne Paper has published 15 editions, and during this time the magazine has featured and collaborated with some of the most distinguished names in the worlds of photography, art, fashion, and culture at large.


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