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Ghetto by Adam Broomberg / Oliver Chanarin

Trolley Books. 2003. First edition. Hardcover. 185×230 mm. 516 pp. ISBN: 1-904563-00-7. Condition: Excellent.


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A journey through 12 contemporary “gated communities” — from a maximum-security prison in South Africa to a psychiatric hospital in Cuba and a retirement home in California, and a refugee camp in Tanzania. Broomberg and Chanarin spent a month in each place, methodically photographing and asking the same questions: “Who is in power here? Where do you go to be alone, to make love, to be with friends? What are your hopes and dreams?”

Avoiding any kind of sensationalism or abuse of individual privacy, Ghetto is a powerful artistic survey of ghettoized groups of people and their responses to their conditions.

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185 × 230 mm
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