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Shin Takamatsu & Gabriel E. Lahyani: Architects Associates

by Noriko Ueshina (Ed.)


Artemis Verlag. 1993. Softcover. English/German edition. 220×280 mm. 120 pp. ISBN: 3-7608-8414-8. Condition: Excellent. Small ISBN sticker on the back cover.


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About Shin Takamatsu:

Shin Takamatsu (born August 5, 1948 in Nima, Shimane) is a leading Japanese architect. After he obtained PhD from Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, in 1980, he became a lecturer at Osaka University of Arts in 1981, an associate professor at Kyoto Seika University in 1987, a professor at Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1997 and professor emeritus at Kyoto University in 2013.



“Shin Takamatsu is one of those rule-breaking architects whose work has not received the critical attention that it deserves. The spiritual son of such architectural legends as Kenzo Tange and Arata Isozaki, revered in Japan for their reformist interpretation of international modernism, Takamatsu has in his own uncompromising way contributed to defining the experimental and futuristic Japanese architectural landscape of the 1980s.”

“Evoking simultaneously the dystopian world of Blade Runner and the mechanical architecture of the industrial age, his buildings constitute perhaps the most provocative and radical forms of postmodern architecture. While some of his harshest critics argue that his designs are ornamental at best and unpractical at worst, one should consider the incredibly imaginative ways through which he made function service form early in his career.” —Louis Soulard, Editoriale Domus


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