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Life Geos On – Snapshots from Cape Town by Per Englund

Dokument Press. 2009. First edition. Swedish/English. Softcover. 170×240 mm. 96 pp. ISBN: 9789185639229. Condition: Good. Some wear in the right bottom corner of the front cover and edge discolouration.


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Life Geos On is a diary from Cape Town, where Swedish photographer Per Englund spent several South African summers. It is a collection of his observations and memories and depicts the post-apartheid city from a street level.

Cape Town, with its scenery, has for centuries drawn adventurers, sailors, writers and artists. Englund has seen beyond the beauty and pointed his camera towards what aroused his interest, amusement or concern. By sharing his photographs of streets, urban landscapes, bars and hotel rooms, Englund takes us on a personal journey through Cape Town – a city which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world.


About the Artist:

Per Englund was born in 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He lives in Stockholm and works internationally in photography and publishing. Educated in photography at the Gotland Folk High School (2001–2002), Englund went on to assist various fashion photographers. His first book, The Beautiful Struggle (Dokument Press, 2006) focused on style and youth culture and was photographed in the townships outside Cape Town. Englund has exhibited in New York, Sydney, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and his hometown Gothenburg. Life Geos On is his second book.


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