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China/S75 by Petra Stavast

by Petra Stavast (Photographer) and Hans Gremmen (Designer)


Roma Publications. ROMA Nr. 114. 2008. Softcover. 165×235 mm. 36 pp. ISBN: 978-90-809988-3-4. Condition: Excellent.


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China/S75 is a compilation of photographic work of Petra Stavast, 2006–2008.

All portraits and picture no. 5 are made with a Siemens S75 mobile phone. Picture no. 8 was found in a newspaper on 26.01.2008.


About the Artist:

Petra Stavast (Tiel, NL, b. 1977) is a visual artist. Through the media of photography, film and text she unravels and structures complex social issues often departing from a seemingly insignificant personal observation. In books and installations she brings different fragments of research together and translates them into compelling visual stories.

Together with graphic designer Hans Gremmen and curator/writer Karin Krijgsman she founded Fw:Books, an independent publishing house with a focus on photography and related topics.


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