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Thrasher: Insane Terrain

Universe / Thrasher Magazine. 2001. English. Softcover. 243×280 mm. 192 pp. ISBN: 978-0789305367. Condition: Excellent.


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For more than twenty years, Thrasher magazine has been the leading authority on skateboarders and their culture. Packed with hundreds of the most intense skateboarding photographs ever printed, Insane Terrain offers a view through the skater’s eye, while supplying the necessary images to incite the imaginations of skateboarders everywhere. The book starts with a historical overview of the lifestyle and an examination of the history of skateboarders past and present, including profiles of such well-known legends as Tony Hawk, Tony Alva, and Christian Hosoi. Finally, the book showcases some of the coolest places on earth to skate, from legendary underground full-pipes and renowned skateparks to popular street hangouts and cutting-edge terrain. Utilising images from Thrasher’s unparalleled photo archives as well as commentary form the Thrasher crew and friends, Insane Terrain is essential for skaters worldwide.


About the Author:

Thrasher Magazine, described by many as the skateboarder’s Bible, covers the sport/art/lifestyle that revolves around a board with four wheels. Since their humble beginnings with a big tabloid-sized first issue in January 1981, Thrasher has now been in publication for more than twenty years. The staff is dedicated to keeping up-to-date with skateboarding’s continual evolution and the adventurous spirit of their readership.


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