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Sophy Rickett (Monograph)

Steidl / Photoworks. 2005. Hardback with dust jacket. 290×220 mm. 112 pp. 46 duotones, 57 colour plates. ISBN: 3-86521-088-0. Condition: Excellent.


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Since 1996, Sophy Rickett’s photographic work has explored the tension between the narrative tendencies and the abstract possibilities of photography. Her photographs generate a powerful atmosphere and sense of place, one that is infused with the desire, uncertainty and expectation associated with darkness and the unseen. They combine formal severity and intelligence with a sheer sense of excitement at seeing and experiencing the world.

Edited by Celia Davies, featuring an introduction by David Chandler, an interview with the artist by Charlotte Cotton and essays by Mark Durden and Urs Stahel.


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290 × 220 mm

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