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The Tattoo Book by C. H. Fellowes

by C.H. Fellowes, Master Tattooer (Author), William C. Sturtevant (Introduction), Quentin Fiore (Designer),


The Pyne Press. 1971. First edition. Hardcover. 161×234 mm. 116 pp. ISBN: 0-87861-001-4. Condition: Very Good. The spine of the book is slightly sun-bleached on the back. The images don’t do the book justice, it is in excellent condition.


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In 1966, an antique dealer in Providence, Rhode Island, stumbled on the hand tattooing kit and design book of an obscure tattooer named C.H. Fellowes. Eventually, these artifacts ended up in the archives of the Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut. Because of their rarity, the relics created quite a buzz in the tattoo world, particularly the design book.

In 1971, Pyne Press released the design book images in a publication entitled The Tattoo Book, for which William C. Sturtevant, a Smithsonian curator, supplied insightful historical analysis and commentary.

Dr. Sturtevant had devoted countless hours trying to identify Fellowes. In researching, he consulted numerous New England area directories and newspapers and interviewed many veteran tattoo artists. Frustratingly, his attempts failed to turn up any leads.

Yet, not all his efforts were in vain. Dr. Sturtevant was a staunch advocate of preserving history through “material culture.” He placed great importance on retaining artifacts so they could be studied in the context of a given culture. His respective scholarly treatment of Fellowes’ design book ensured its curatorial and archival value and, therefore, its accessibility for further examination.

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